ID Cards and Authorization Services

Important Information

From April 1st, 2021, visitor ID cards for the security area and  replacement airport ID cards will cost € 15.00 (net) each.

Currently,  the main office of the Airport ID Card Service Center in Building 161 is operating with changed service hours. ID Card Service Center Terminal 1 is closed.

Monday to Friday, 07:15 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Please make an appointment


You Have a Business Relationship with Fraport AG or with a Company Located at Frankfurt Airport
You have signed a licensing agreement with Fraport AG
You are operating on the airport premises on behalf of Fraport AG or
You are a carrier operating at Frankfurt Airport or
You are a government agency with law enforcement tasks or
You are holding another activity permit at Frankfurt Airport

You have concluded a rental contract with Fraport AG (FYI: Please attach
the first page of your rental contract and the signature page to the Company Data Sheet)

- The contact was concluded with the FTU-WE department

- The contact was concluded on behalf of a retail company at the airport (cf: licensing guidelines; licensing agreement)  

You Need to Register Your Company with the SCF (ID Cards Service Center) using the Company Data Sheet
Before applying for Airport ID Cards, your company must be registered with the Airport ID Cards Service Center SCF.  

Here you may register your company with the ID Cards Service Center (SCF) in order to apply for Airport ID Cards. You need to meet one of the above requirements.

There are two ways to register which are explained below. 

Option 1: Register your Company via our Web Portal

Here you may register your company using the Airport ID Cards web portal.

Please note: Currently, application via the web portal is only possible for permanent personal ID Cards.

Option 2: Register your Company via the PDF Company Data Sheet

Here you may register your company by means of the PDF Company Data Sheet.

Complete the document digitally, sign it and email the PDF document to

Once all requirements are met and the company is duly registered, you are ready to apply for your Airport ID Cards.

In order to view the ID Card application correctly when using Mozilla Firefox, adjust the browser settings so that it opens with Adobe Reader and, in doing so, becomes editable.